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Written on September 25th, 2011 , Incidentals
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Since we live so close to Eagle Creek, we haven’t gotten over to do much walking in Ft. Harrison State Park. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I visited Ft. Harrison for this hike. The Fall Creek and Camp Creek trails offer beautiful and varied terrain, including stream’s edge, open hillsides, and deep woods.

This is a moderately long hike at almost three miles, following the Fall Creek and then Camp Creek trails.  There are some steep climbs on the Fall Creek Trail, but steps and decking help make it manageable.  Keep in mind that some of the Camp Creek trail passes through a marshy area, so bring bug spray if you’re walking in the summer.  And if you venture off the trail to skip rocks or do some fossil hunting at the edge of Fall Creek keep an eye or for the three-leafed Poison Ivy, it’s abundant in some areas.

I was a little confused when trying to find the entrance to the park using GPS, the park’s address is listed as 5753 Glenn Road, but the actual park entrance is at 59th and Post Road.  Once in the park make the first right and follow that road till it ends at the parking lot.  The Fall Creek trail head is at the north east corner of the lot.

Facilities: There is a bathroom located at the parking lot.
Park entrance fee: $5 per vehicle, $2 for pedestrians and cyclists.
Trail map: ftharrison_trail.pdf

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This is sort of a classic hike at Eagle Creek for us; we’ve been hiking this loop since we moved to Indianapolis and found Eagle Creek years ago. There are two good places to start, the Ornithology Center and the end of the service road that runs west from the north gate.

This hike is mostly an easy walk, making a loop on the Coffer Dam. The south west corner of the loop is a pretty steep climb (if you’re traveling counter-clockwise) or descent. The paved walk west from the Ornithology Center is the matching incline, but is done over quite a shallower grade, so that walk is easier. Consider this when deciding the direction around the loop, if you want a steep climb in the southwest corner head counter-clockwise, for a steep descent head clockwise.

If you happen to be making this hike in the summer and like critters (or have kids that like critters), make a stop at the duck pond across from the Ornithology Center.  There are always frogs, turtles, tad poles, and snails to be found in the pond.

This is a great hike on a cool day, but there’s not much cover out on the levee, keep this in mind if you’re out in mid summer.

Facilities: There are bathrooms at the ornithology center and port-a-johns at the end of the service road.
Park entrance fee: $5 per vehicle, $2 for pedestrians and cyclists.

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I really love this moderate hike.  Starting at the Scott Starling Nature Sanctuary on Wilson road, this hike loops 2.5 miles through the north end of the west side of Eagle Creek. With 188′ from the highest to the lowest point this hike isn’t too strenuous, but a few of the ascents and descents are steep. You’ll often have the trails to yourself on the west side of Eagle Creek, which is rare in the more popular (and more accessible) east side of the park.

From the Scott Starling Nature Sanctuary you’ll walk through a bit of Eagle’s Crest (an outdoor event center) and then head east descending down to the lake’s edge and the old Dandy Trail. Before Eagle Creek was dammed and flooded, Dandy Trail ran through this area providing access to the homes nearby.

The trails on this hike are well-walked and fairly easy to follow. You’ll have to watch for the trail head at the edge of the field in Eagle’s Crest, it’s unmarked but well walked. The GPS track will lead you to it.

There is also a right turn off of Dandy Trail that you’ll need to watch for. There is an an old fence at the corner and the trail leads up and to the right. Keep an eye open for this, but again, the GPS track will let you know about where you need to turn.

Facilities: There might be an outhouse at Eagle’s Crest, but that would be it.
Park entrance fee: None for the west side of the park.
Trail map (although the trails on the west side aren’t marked on this map): EAGLECREEKPARKNORTH_2010.pdf

I hope you enjoy this hike, it’s one of my favorites. If you’ve walked it, leave a comment!

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This hike is more of a walk than a hike, but Northwestway Park has a very well maintained and easy going paved walking and biking path.

The center of the loop is fairly large grassy field. I’m not much of a birder, but I would imagine this would be a good place to visit in the spring. The loop also has an disc golf course, if you’d like to try that out.

Northwestway Park is easy to find, look for the huge soccer fields at the corner of Moller Road and W 62nd Street. Park near the large playground and head south to the start of the trail. The loop itself is not very long, including the walk from the car, one time around is only .75 miles. It’s a pretty walk though, so it’s easy to step into another time around if the three quarters mile isn’t enough.

This walk is great if you’ve got small children, the walk is easy and you’ve got a great playground (with bathrooms) to top if off when you’re done.

Facilities: There are bathrooms near the parking lot.
Park entrance fee: None.

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